Obama gets his own reality show…sort of

The big story in TV last week was about how the Obama campaign bought a half-hour of prime time television air time on both CBS and NBC for October 29th.  The question is will we be able to watch it online?

The campaign is smart to use television to reach viewers.  It still is a valid medium to reach many voters.   I know I will watch this political infomercial one way or another, but through what channels is yet to be determined.   Television ratings have bounced back this year after last year’s all-time low viewership.   Is it because of the economic uncertainty that people are electing to stay home and watch politics and dramady (drama + comedy)?  I think so, but what will it take for most people to give up the the corrals of time slot television for the open pastures of the internet?   Maybe the digital conversion of 2009.  Good times in a bad economy.  The Dollar is up versus the Euro this week.  It can only get better right?

Update: Link to the Obamericial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtREqAmLsoA

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