Silverman Lining

  There were reports this past week that NBC profits were up 17% partly due to Co-Chairman Ben Silverman.  He sold content based advertising (product placement) and developed some good new content.  The caveat is that viewership is still down. I as well as others in the industry see this race to the bottom for […]

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Youtube, the President (Elect’s) Platform…

This is not an industry comment, but a social one.  President Elect Obama posted and says his will continue to post his weekly address to the nation on YouTube, in addition to the traditional media.  I want to thank president elect Obama for his foresight and his understanding of “my generation.”   This is something that […]

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Study says DVR use varies…we say duh!

TVWeek reported on a study done by Magna Global on DVR use, which says that there is a correlation between based on genre.   In research, there is almost always a correlation discovered.  That is research speak for saying that there might be a significance, but it can’t be proven.  It is a way of […]

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