Study says DVR use varies…we say duh!

TVWeek reported on a study done by Magna Global on DVR use, which says that there is a correlation between based on genre.   In research, there is almost always a correlation discovered.  That is research speak for saying that there might be a significance, but it can’t be proven.  It is a way of saying that the time and money doing the research was not completely wasted.   Correlations can be the basis for future research and this one surely will be studied.

What I would like to know is which networks are paying for the DVR studies?  Where are the bittorent and new media studies?  Why does it seem that the networks are way behind the curve as opposed to out in front?   It is true that the networks need to show addition CPMs to the advertisers because of the dwindling numbers, but do they really expect to get those numbers significantly from DVRs?  Granted, the last show I watched live was CNN on Tuesday night to see Obama’s win, but before that I can’t remmber.  Though,  I am a graduate student after all and don’t have much time for live TV.  Maybe it is the same with my entire generation.  I hope not, but it may be true.  Maybe it should be studied.  Maybe it already has been.  I have my thesis topic already, maybe I can research this one professionally.  Any takers?

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