Youtube, the President (Elect’s) Platform…

This is not an industry comment, but a social one.  President Elect Obama posted and says his will continue to post his weekly address to the nation on YouTube, in addition to the traditional media.  I want to thank president elect Obama for his foresight and his understanding of “my generation.”   This is something that […]

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Study says DVR use varies…we say duh!

TVWeek reported on a study done by Magna Global on DVR use, which says that there is a correlation between based on genre.   In research, there is almost always a correlation discovered.  That is research speak for saying that there might be a significance, but it can’t be proven.  It is a way of […]

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One TV, Two TVs, Three TVs, Four

There are whispers this week of impending doom in the economy as the Dow drops further from the high achieved earlier in the year.  There is always a light at the end tunnel, and there surely will be one here. As television viewers tune in for economic updates, the political race, and some good drama […]

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