One TV, Two TVs, Three TVs, Four

sony kdl32m4000w

There are whispers this week of impending doom in the economy as the Dow drops further from the high achieved earlier in the year.  There is always a light at the end tunnel, and there surely will be one here.

As television viewers tune in for economic updates, the political race, and some good drama and escapist programming, there is something else on my mind. 
How am I going to watch TV on February 17, 2009?

I have not made the leap yet to a big flat screen TV. There was a great post in Gizmodo on how to shop for an HDTV which got me thinking and now every time I look at the 10-year old Sony trinitron 20″ CRT lots of concerns go through my head.

  1. Is the new TV going to match the apartment decor?
  2. Are there going to be any 30 – 40 inch sets that are white or silver made with good design?
  3. Can I see the white Sony television in person to see if it is really gray and a 3D drawing like it looks an their website?
  4. Where will the Tiffany vase be stored that sits on top of the TV now?
  5. Is the TV industry going to function like the computer industry where you will have to replace a $1000+ device every 2-4 years?
  6. What kind of antenna will work in my southern facing LES, walk-in-closet size apartment?
  7. Should I just give up and buy one of the converter boxes?  Is there a “good” one?

I may just give up and buy a big computer monitor and plug it into the custom tivo.  February is pretty far from now, but the Christmas shopping season just starting.  Any ideas?

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