Youtube, the President (Elect’s) Platform…

This is not an industry comment, but a social one.  President Elect Obama posted and says his will continue to post his weekly address to the nation on YouTube, in addition to the traditional media.  I want to thank president elect Obama for his foresight and his understanding of “my generation.”   This is something that […]

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Shocker, The Ex List Canceled

Oh CBS! You surely disappoint.  Don’t attempt to erase your first casualty of the fall tv season, The Ex-List.  I mean really?  Haven’t your marketing people told you that the interwebs have long memories even if your traditional TV viewer people do not?   There is no sign of the show existing according to your  website.  […]

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When is a win not really a win?

The New York Times says the Fox network dominated the ratings on Tuesday evening, even though the ratings are lower than last year.  4 million less people tuned in to their show House this year from last.  Is this and overall market trend, or to people just have too many things to watch on the […]


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