The Volume is Going Down


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Is the American TV public about to get the enjoyment of Television back? There are now two bills one recently passed in the Senate and another one in the House of Representatives that provide guidelines for the FCC to regulate the volume transition between television content and the commercials that interrupt and pay for the programming. Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif is responsible for spearheading this legislation.

What does this mean? For the industry, the art of television programs might be maintained which is the main concern besides the show and awe aspect of when one experiences the load show with explosions and even loader commercials. In today’s television climate does it matter? Has the DVR and the internet eroded most commercial watching anyhow? Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for some. The combination of the DVR and netflix/iTunes/Hulu changes the way television is experienced. The industry is aware but the income methods have not kept pace with the core audience. With the new metric tools this could change.

Will the other pertinent issues plaguing American politics be stalled while while the congress agrees upon the details to send to the FCC?? Who knows, but progress takes time. This is an issue that has been a long time coming and technology has caught up with concept. The time to act is now and the congress knows this. Hopefully this issue can be put to rest in the next year so we can work on the other issues of the industry. Tracking peoples preferences, finding the next successes, and teaching networks to take the content risks cable channels are, to appeal to the audience most networks forgot about.

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