Let me tell you about this great device…they call it television

Rosie O'Donell

Today in the New York Times, Brian Selter writes that NBC is planning a variety show staring Rosie O’Donnell, cleverly called Rosie’s Variety Show.  Fox is planning their own variety show with the Ozzy Osbourne family.  Surely this is a sign of the times when the networks resort to their successes from the days when the television industry was emerging from the decade of the picture box.

Television is being sponsored, variety shows are back, and soup is flying off the shelves of supermarkets with their stock prices going up,  while everyone one else goes down with the ship.  There is hope for the future, but the networks are looking to cut costs early the hedge their economic bets without another Survivor reality clone.  Its about time.  The cable networks like Bravo and Oxygen and … have taken the reality tv crown away from the networks for some time now.

I hope this bet pays off, but I hope even more that the economy can recover faster than you can say, “canceled.”

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